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about bcc cameroon

BCC’s first contact in Cameroon was in 1973. Over time, especially from 1987 onwards, this developed into three main fellowships, i.e. in Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Douala. During the year several national conferences are held at Vallée Verte Conference Centre in Yaoundé. 

The construction of Vallée Verte Conference Centre commenced in June 2012. With the high unemployment rate, especially among the young adults in Cameroon, it was decided to do the project through voluntary work by young adults from Cameroon, with technical and managerial support from members of BCC South Africa. The aim of making use of volunteers was to give unemployed young people the opportunity to learn skills helping them to make a living for themselves. The project proved to be a great success, with most of the 50 volunteers being employed or self-employed shortly after the project was completed.

The conference centre (Vallée Verte) was completed at the end of 2013, including a meeting hall with seating for 450 persons and 6 accommodation buildings with 4 apartments each.

The general weekly program consists of:

  • Sunday school for children 
  • Sunday general service
  • Sunday youth activities 
  • Wednesday evenings general service
  • Bible studies on Saturday afternoons
  • Saturday evening youth service
  • Children’s activities 


The Brunstad Christian Church in Bafoussam gathers at Haoussa Quarter, opposite Ola Energy, road to Foumbot. The church has circa 120 members.


The Brunstad Christian Church in Yaoundé gathers at Vallée Verte Conference Centre, which they also use to host events such as weddings, conferences, seminars etc. The church has circa 250 members. 


The Brunstad Christian Church in Douala gathers at Makepe. They are circa 110 members, that gather in a small meeting hall, also used to host local feasts and events.


*BCC in Cameroon is formally registered as an association under Cameroonian law as Association pour l’Encadrement des Jeunes et Adultes du Cameroun (AEJAC)


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