Brunstad Christian Church IN Africa


Small gathering of BCC members in Ethiopia


In Ethiopia there is one family, living in Awassa, whom in 1994 came in contact with Brunstad Christian Church.

Members of a small fellowship in Tanzania


There is one main fellowship in Mwanza, Tanzania, which developed along with BCC Kenya. Members of this fellowship attend the national conferences in Kisumu, Kenya.

Butunduzi, Malawi


In addition to Brunstad Christian Church having regular contact with a few individuals from the early 1990’s, several young people from Butunduzi started attending the Brunstad Christian Church conferences in Kisumu, Kenya from 2017.

Connectivity Counts!

Satellite TV transmissions from Brunstad Christian Church in Norway (BCC Norway) became available in South Africa in the year 2000 using the Telstar 12 satellite.

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