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Outside of conferences, most activities occur in the local fellowships. Among other things, the fellowships have a range of dynamic activities consisting of the following:

Sunday church services, youth services, Sunday school for children, youth and children’s activities and various interest groups for young people.

The majority of these activities, including faith inspiration and religious education, are made possible by volunteer work or donations.


Vallée Verte Conference Center in Cameroon


BCC’s first contact in Cameroon was in 1973. Over time, especially from 1987 onwards, this developed into three main fellowships, i.e. in Yaoundé, Bafoussam and Douala. BCC in Cameroon is represented by AEJAC (Association pour l’Encadrement des Jeunes et Adultes du Cameroun). During the year several national conferences are held at Vallée Verte Conference Centre in Yaoundé. Stats: Adults: 106 | Youth: 213 | Children: 149


There is one main fellowship in Mwanza, Tanzania, which developed along with BCC Kenya. Members of this fellowship attend the national conferences in Kisumu, Kenya. Stats: Adults: 7 | Youth: 52 | Children: 23
Evening atmosphere at Stephanopark Conference Center


Brunstad Christian Church South Africa started in 1972. Today it is a vibrant congregation with many members who meet for edification and activities at the Stephanopark Conference Center. In addition, national and international BCC Conferences are held at this location. The CYDP program is hosted by BCC South Africa, with Stephanopark Conference Center as its base. Stats: Children: 102 | Youth: 43 | Adults: 195


Contact with individuals in Malawi started in 2008. There are currently two fellowships in Malawi, Located in Lilongwe and Mulanje. National conferences are held in Mulanje. Stats: Adults: 41 | Youth: 74 | Children: 47 |


Brunstad Christian Church Kenya started in 1994. National and international BCC conferences for East Africa are held in Kisumu. Members of BCC in Kenya gather at mainly four different locations, Kisumu, Rodi Kopany, Kisii, and Nyakweri. Stats Adults: 53 | Youth: 68 | Children: 60
Evening atmosphere at church hall in Congo (DRC)


The Brunstad Christian Church Congo (DRC) in Lubumbashi started in 2001. In August 2018 the construction of the meeting hall, Jardin de Paix, was completed with the help of young adults from the local church in Lubumbashi (including previous CYDP participants who received training in South Africa). Stats: Adults: 20 | Youth: 55 | Children: 17


In addition to Brunstad Christian Church having regular contact with a few individuals since the early 1990’s, several young people from Butunduzi started attending the Brunstad Christian Church conferences in Kisumu, Kenya from 2017. Stats: Adults 2 | Youth: 5 | Children: 4


In Ethiopia there is one family, living in Awassa, whom in 1994 came in contact with Brunstad Christian Church