A highlight of the 2023 Annual International Summer Conference hosted in December by the Brunstad Christian Church in South Africa (BCCSA), was the 70th birthday

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about Brunstad Christian Church IN Africa

Spread across Africa there are many different churches, fellowships, groups and individuals (see map), who share the same faith as Brunstad Christian Church in Norway, which originated in 1898. We come from different backgrounds, educations and walks of life, but wish to gather around our common Christian faith. We are proud to be part of this community, “Brunstad Christian Church in Africa”, which this website gives a little insight into.

about this website

This website aims to inform about Brunstad Christian Church in Africa, its members, activities and missionary programs.The website is maintained by BCC South Africa (a South African registered Non-Profit Organisation 232-778 NPO). BCC South Africa is involved in several missionary programs in Africa (see the missionary work page).

On this website the name Brunstad Christian Church with a location directly after it (e.g. Brunstad Christian Church South Africa, or Brunstad Christian Church Congo DRC) refers to the registered legal entity. The name may also be abbreviated as BCC with a location name (e.g. BCC South Africa or BCC Congo DRC).

Where Brunstad Christian Church (or BCC) is used without a location directly after it, it refers to the global community of churches, fellowships, groups and individuals who share the same faith as the founding church in Norway. When referring to a church, fellowship or group in a given location, whether registered as a legal entity or not, the term Brunstad Christian Church in location is used (e.g. Brunstad Christian Church in Cameroon). Also note that churches, fellowships and groups may be having a legally registered name which does not contain the phrase “Brunstad Christian Church”, in which case this website will refer to the church, fellowship or group as Brunstad Christian Church in location.