Brunstad Christian Church in Africa


BCC South Africa in collaboration with partners is involved in several Christian and humanitarian development projects and programs throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Christian Youth Development Program (CYDP)

The focus of the program, which has been active since 2017, is to bring young adults from different African regions to South Africa for a one year program which includes:

  • Spiritual & mental development
  • Practical skills training


The focus of ACE is to assist members of the various local churches, fellowships, groups and individuals to attend Christian conferences and gatherings in the other countries. Funding is provided to assist travel and accommodation expenses.

Online Christian Mission Content in Africa

This program focuses mainly on supplying & installing communication technology systems & infrastructure for the use of various local churches, fellowships, groups and individuals, to distribute meaningful Christian content, including BCC Norway’s BrunstadTV programs (see

church facilities and social entrepreneurship

This program endeavours to construct or rent church facilities. In many cases such projects provide job opportunities for the participants of the CYDP program and others. (See the Projects page).

BCC Africa Choir

The BCC Africa Choir is based in South Africa, with many CYDP participants being involved.

Apart from performing in South Africa, the BCC Africa Choir endeavours to perform internationally, including at BCC’s international conferences and youth events hosted by BCC Norway.