Christian Youth Development Program

The Christian Youth Development Program (CYDP)* is a youth exchange program where young adults are invited to BCC South Africa’s conference venue in Vanderbijlpark for a limited period (typically 1 year). During this time the participants are integrated in local church life, while also receiving practical training and work experience in various disciplines. The goal with the program is to equip the young adults both spiritually (soft skills) and practically (hard skills), as to improve their own quality of life, and enable them to contribute positively in their local communities.

BCC South Africa endeavours to involve participants of the program in development projects in their home countries after having been part of the program in South Africa. The program, in collaboration with our partners, also assists in creating sustainable employment for the participants in their home countries as far as practically possible.

* Occasionally referred to as “A-team South Africa” or “A-team”. The CYDP is not connected or related to other programs or initiatives named “A-team”.


Typical church and recreational activities include:

  • Sunday and Wednesday evening church services
  • Thursday evening Bible studies
  • Friday evening youth church services
  • Youth activities (sport & hobby)
  • Voluntary work (cleaning & maintenance, children’s activity groups, fundraising, media production, etc.)
  • Outings and road trips

Practical training & work experience include:

  • Catering & hospitality
  • Plumbing
  • Building construction
  • Electrical installation
  • IT networking and desktop support
  • Office administration
  • Accounting
  • Project management


Impact of the program

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“Before joining the A-Team [CYDP*] Program, we had a very inactive youth. They were always a bit separate from the church’s activities and they believed that the church was just something for parents and adults. The young people were not so much interested to hear about God’s Word.

Coming back from the A-Team in South Africa, our youth took responsibility for many activities in the church, for example: activity clubs for small children, Sunday school classes, youth activities etc. They started living with high moral standards and became active in taking responsibility in the church gatherings. 

Before, those who did not have work, simply stayed idle at home. Now everyone who has been on the A-Team is active, making use of the skills they have acquired. I can say that we experience a revival among the young people. 

Before being on the A-Team, we could never imagine that our young people will be able to build a house. Today we experience and have seen with our own eyes that they can build a conference venue, do all the tiling, the electrical work, the plumbing, the procurement, the book keeping and manage the whole project! And in addition, they can organise and run events. 

This revival had a very positive impact on the older friends in the church too. Today they are involved in voluntary work together with the youth at our conference venue.”

Mayi Munene Mikobe Bope
Co-leader, Brunstad Christian Church Congo DRC

Extract from testimonial in a report on the CYDP program published here by Stichting Wereldwijd Evangelie Werk – see page 49 for the full testimonial.

* See footnote below the introduction on this page.



The CYDP program is made possible through collaboration with partners who share the same vision for the program. The key partners are listed below.


BCC South Africa

Brunstad Christian Church South Africa is fully engaged with the program at all levels, providing accommodation, pastoral care and Bible studies to ensure the program participants get a well rounded experience.

Wereldwijd Evangelie werk (Netherlands)

Stichting Wereldwijd Evangelie Werk is heavily involved in the program and is the main funding partner.

Basfour Group of Companies

The Basfour Group provides opportunities for on-the-job training and work experience for the CYDP participants.


SCC Services

SCC Services (Pty) Ltd carries out the day to day operations of the program. This includes arranging flights, assisting with visa applications, catering and finding training placements for the CYDP participants. SCC Services is a fully owned subsidiary of Brunstad Christian Church South Africa.


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