Connectivity Counts!

Satellite TV transmissions from Brunstad Christian Church in Norway (BCC Norway) became available in South Africa in the year 2000 using the Telstar 12 satellite. This made it possible for the members in South Africa to follow conferences, selected church services and events from Norway.

In 2007, Brunstad Christian Church South Africa (BCC South Africa) started using internet streaming to follow transmissions from BCC Norway. In later years the eventual progression to and availability of unlimited (uncapped) internet in South Africa, opened the way to the use of internet TV.

To improve the quality and stability of BrunstadTV streaming in South Africa, BCC South Africa in collaboration with BrunstadTV, installed in 2014 a local distribution system for both live and on-demand streaming. At the same time BCC South Africa started experimenting with the streaming of its own church services.

A campaign to promote BrunstadTV among the members of BCC South Africa was launched in South Africa in 2018. Using Raspberry Pi micro computers configured for BrunstadTV made it easy to connect ordinary television sets to BrunstadTV’s live and on-demand video streaming. The result was a significant increase in usage.

The video streaming service from the Stephanopark Conference Centre in Vanderbijlpark also became increasingly popular with BCC fellowships in South Africa, Malawi and Kenya.

International Campaign
From January 2017 onwards, BCC South Africa started installing communication equipment, later together with Stichting Wereldwijd Evangeliewerk, at several Brunstad Christian Church gathering places in Africa. With the inclusion of Raspberry Pi micro computers, members of the local fellowships are now able to follow church services live from both Norway and South Africa. Christian videos, music and literature is also available through the system.

The Brunstad Christian Church fellowships in East Africa now make use of audio conference calls for cross-border church services with participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, England and Norway. In Lubumbashi, Congo DRC, the members regularly have video conference calls with members from France and Norway.

To date, the Brunstad Christian Church fellowships in the following locations are online with access to BrunstadTV:

  • Yaound√©, Cameroon
  • Bafoussam, Cameroon
  • Douala, Cameroon
  • Lubumbashi, Congo DRC
  • Lilongwe, Malawi
  • Blantyre, Malawi
  • Mulanje, Malawi
  • Kisumu, Kenya
  • Kisii, Kenya
  • Rodi Kopany, Kenya
  • Nyakweri, Kenya
  • Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Awassa, Ethiopia
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa
  • Vanderbijlpark, South Africa

It is clear to see that international connectivity means a great deal to these Brunstad Christian Church fellowships in Africa. Contact with fellow Christians in Africa and abroad is vitally important for the strengthening and development of the members’ Christian faith.