Youth Conference in Kenya

Brunstad Christian Church Kenya held its annual youth conference in Kisimu, Kenya in August, directly after their women’s conference. Some of the younger women were fortunate enough to attend both conferences. The theme of the conference was based on a verse from the New Testament, 2 Timothy 2:4.

The guest speaker, Tielman Slabbert, encouraged the youth to bring their lives into order with God. Many youths gave their lives to Jesus during the conference.

The youth from different parts of Kenya enjoyed the interaction with youth from other African countries such as Uganda and South Africa. Recreational activities included playing football and volleyball, which gave players the chance to have some lighthearted fun together showing off their ball skills.

As expressed by many of the youth in their testimonies, the conference was very enlightening and helpful, giving an opportunity to reflect on their lives and put into practice what they heard at the meetings.

I liked both the women’s and the youth conferences. May God help us to remain steadfast in His Word and take heed to the messages we heard in the meetings, so that we can be better Christians.
Mourine Okello
Kisumu, Kenya

It is the first time I have attended a conference and the preaching really taught me a lot. We should serve God while we are still young so that when we are old we can be strong in God and have direction in our lives. I will continue to come to conferences because this really helped me a lot!
Gordon Omondi
Rodi Kopany, Kenya

It was a glorious conference and shed light on my life and I realised what I must change in my personal life and allow the spirit of God to guide me.
Ezekiel Odeyo Ochieng
Kisumu, Kenya

It has been a great conference and very helpful to us as youth. It is important to have the Holy Spirit to guide us in our daily lives. We have to pray that we are not only hearers, but doers of the Word.
Brian Otieno Amhogo
Kisii, Kenya

It is Africa’s time now, meaning that it is my time now to make things right with God. I have to be decisive, make this personal and start living this Christian life.
Irine Timothy
Kisumu, Kenya

I have really learned a lot from the conference. I learned that I should pray without ceasing, because that helps when I am tempted in my thoughts and in what I say and do that is not pleasing to God.
Bester Snead Ochieng
Ogango, Kenya

It is good to be in the church and to hear such glorious words as we have at this conference. We should also give ourselves as examples to the young ones who are now coming to the church and show them a good way in life.
Raphael Otambo
Kisii, Kenya