Abounding in Life

Marthe and Daniel Takoundjou’s living room and courtyard in Nkolbisson, was home to the BCC fellowship in Yaoundé, Cameroon for many years. The space of approximately 70 square meters was the hub from which wonderful times of edification, fellowship, celebration, youth and children’s activities emanated. However, as the youth and children grew in number, it became increasingly challenging to accommodate everyone and all the activities arranged for them by the mentors. The hiring of outside venues became necessary, bringing with it an added cost to the fellowship and its members.

In addition to the need for more space for the Yaoundé local fellowship there was also a need for a national conference centre. The building of the Vallée Verte Conference Centre, which was completed in 2013 and which the BCC in Yaoundé uses for its weekly church services and activities, has had a huge positive impact on church life at the Yaoundé fellowship! The large main hall provides adequate space for the Wednesday and Sunday services, as well as for the youth services and Sunday school.

The substantial size of the grounds at the centre has also enabled many more activities to take place. This has been particularly beneficial for families with young children and youth; making it much easier for them to attend church together on Sundays. Many families stay on after the Sunday service to eat lunch and spend time together. The overnight accommodation has also made it possible for those youth travelling longer distances to the youth services on Saturdays, to stay overnight and attend on Sundays as well, rather than making a potentially unsafe trip home late on Saturday nights, and coming back on Sunday.

The sense of thankfulness and appreciation is palpable among the members of the BCC fellowship in Yaoundé and this is borne out by some testimonies below:

Placide Bougang: “I feel that the Vallée Verte Conference Centre has enhanced church life a great deal, enabling each one to flourish. Time spent together at church services and the many special events and activities that are arranged for children, young people, not forgetting the older generation, has made a big difference to the church members.

Rebecca Okpala: “I am so grateful for the grace that God has allowed me to be in the church. I remember in the early days when we met in the home of Daniel Takoundjou’s, he was kind and welcoming and we felt at home, but more space was needed when everyone came together. Now at the Vallée Verte Conference Centre, much more time can be spent together with fellow Christians and it is so good that everyone can be accommodated together in the hall for church services and other activities. The children and youth experience such fun and freedom in this environment, where so much is made available for them through activity clubs and youth activities. I am so grateful for this place where we can grow and flourish.”

Anne Laure Metino: “I am so thankful for this place because we can have such good times here with all the children. We can be together at church services and outside where we can use the swimming pool and the play park, which is a big green space where we can run as we want with our friends and have fun with the other children at conferences.”

Vibrant praise and worship, edifying church service, conferences and Bible studies, and the wide range of activities available to the children and youth, is confirmation that church life is flourishing at BCC in Yaoundé.