‘United in Song!’

No matter where… the gospel unites through word and song!

This was borne out by the young people of Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) fellowships in Africa, who collaborated on this amazing and unifying choral project.

The aptly named song, ‘United in Song’, was produced by fusing the voices of 90 young people from across Africa. There were in total 120 video and voice recordings submitted from BCC members in Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda. The mammoth task of combining and transforming all the recordings into one virtual choir music video, was achieved by the dedicated media teams.  Their tireless work over a long period of time which has enabled international connectivity in Africa, as well as intercontinental connectivity, made a project of this nature possible. 

The song with its stirring and unifying words, originally written as an anthem for the BCC Africa Choir, was recently sung for the online 2020 BCC Summer Camp for young people, broadcast to BCC fellowships worldwide.


I feel a surge of hope within me
One I know I’ve had before
The thought that we will be together
Now it’s time for Africa
From emerald plains deep in Kenya
To green hills of Cameroon
Ethiopia and Tanzania that crown the southern hemisphere
Congo, and yes, South Africa
Yes, here we stand strong
United in song
And forward we’ll go!
We’re all for one and one for all!

With happy hearts we now are singing
Bound together we are
Our hearts are filled with faith, we’re willing
To give all, and play our part
From snow-capped mountains of Uganda
Malawi, with lakes so clear
From these lands we come beneath the sun
One faith, one hope, one race to run
Our time, it’s time for Africa!

Yes, here we stand strong
United in song
And forward we’ll go!
We’re all for one and one for all!

The traditional and emotive African drum beat blended into the inspiring and moving melody, complemented the harmonious and energized voices of the choir; coupled with scenic views of the magnificent African grasslands and wildlife, certainly leaves one with the sense that: “Now it’s time for Africa!”

Take a look and listen…