Yes, children most certainly do ‘rise up and shine bright’ when they are nurtured with love, care and a solid spiritual foundation. The thriving children of Brunstad Christian Church fellowships in Africa bear testimony to this.  Sunday School is an important outreach to these children, where good Christian values are implanted in their hearts through the teaching of God’s word at an early age.  Not only do they reap the rewards of this solid foundation later in life when they have to make important choices, but their childhood is filled with happy memories of love and care.

Indirectly, a positive consequence of the global Covid-19 pandemic, when many experienced isolation from their communities due to restrictions on gatherings, Brunstad Christian Church reached out to the children of BCC fellowships around the world by streaming Sunday School online.  This has been a tremendous success and out of it was borne the concept of BCC fellowships’ involvement in producing online Sunday School lessons in their unique locations, with the help of BCC Media in Norway.

Despite the tremendous amount of work that goes into the productions of online Sunday School, the recent one produced by the BCC fellowships in Africa in collaboration with BCC Media, is an encouraging example of creating opportunities for members to be part of projects from grassroots level.  Each fellowship taking ownership of it and thereby feeling part of the whole project with their own special contribution to it. This was most rewarding as teams from the fellowships in Kenya, Tanzania, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Malawi and South Africa worked together to achieve surprisingly good results. In particular the children so enjoyed the music and songs, this was apparent by the enthusiasm and joy with which they participated.  The TV broadcasts are dubbed into 13 different languages, thereby enabling the children of BCC fellowships worldwide to understand and benefit from the lessons, which is the most important part of online Sunday School!