Linking Africa to Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) in Norway

The Brunstad Christian Church International New Year’s Conference literally came alive for BCC fellowships in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Kenya.  For the first time these fellowships were linked live to BCC in Norway from where the conference was broadcast.  In the past they were able to watch transmissions from Norway, but were unable to participate live in real time.  This new development was achieved by making use of Raspberry Pi single board computers together with a small video camera, thereby enabling the building of a low cost solution for linking the locations together on video.

Several members from these fellowships explain what this technological development means to them:

Peter Nyangoto  (Kenya):

In the midst of a pandemic, we have been blessed to be able to participate in the BCC International New Year’s Conference broadcast from Norway. Participation meaning that our fellowship in Kisumu, in Kenya, could join the online transmission live and I am grateful to the technical teams at large, but especially in South Africa, for the tremendous work they have done to make the live link possible and successful.

Purity Nyagweth (Kenya):

I am really thankful that we could hear God’s word through the BCC International New Year’s Conference. Being able to participate in a live broadcast from Norway was such a tremendous experience!  Taking part in the conference live just like everyone else around the world brought a sense of unity and togetherness and a sense of belonging.  I am thankful to God for having brought us together in this way.

Joshua Onderi (Kenya):

Even amidst a pandemic when transport systems and international travel have almost come to a grinding halt, a way was found for us to overcome these obstacles and made it possible to participate live online in the BCC International New Year Conference broadcast from Norway.  This made such an impression on me that BCC fellowships worldwide could be united online and feel the sense of belonging, as we shared in live transmission of the conference from Norway.   

Fabrice Tsakou (DRC):

Over the New Year period, when the rest of the world seemed to be in a depressed recess, members of the BCC fellowship in Lubumbashi, DRC, were full of joy! It was the first time we could participate live in the BCC International New Year’s Conference. It is difficult for us to go to Brunstad in Norway to attend events held there, but due to the video link devices from South Africa, we were able to participate in the New Year’s Conference live online. It was a great and unforgettable experience to be able to work with the BrunstadTV team and also to see what huge sacrifices are being made, so that we can benefit from the Word of God wherever we are. Blessed be God for such technology.

 Olga Bope (DRC):

For me, having been able to participate in the online New Year’s Conference brought such happiness because we were all able to be connected for the same purpose in the same spirit, and to see the joy in all the young people was enormously special to me.  I look forward to more events such as this, because the messages I hear are a great help to me.

Falonne Bope  (DRC):

I am so very grateful for everything I hear at the conferences, the messages from the New Year’s Conference were as though they were addressing me personally. The work of keeping a pure heart must be done every day, there is no time to waste. I am truly grateful.