A Time of Thanksgiving!

The official opening of ‘Belle Vue’ in Bafoussam, Cameroon, took place on May 2021. The centre will be used by Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) for church services and events. Several dignitaries from government departments, the local municipality and others involved in the project, were in attendance at the opening ceremony. However, an accomplishment such as the building of this impressive centre, could not pass by without a thanksgiving celebration.  Impressive… because the centre was built by the young people of the three BCC fellowships in Cameroon, namely Bafoussam, Yaoundé and Douala, with technical and project management support from South Africa.  Several of the young people on the project had attended the Christian Youth Development Program (CYDP) in South Africa, where they received Hard and Soft Skills training which proved to be invaluable in undertaking a project of this nature.   

Consequently on June 26th, 2021 a special celebration was held at the ‘Belle Vue’ Centre, not only in gratitude to all those involved in the project, but more importantly to give thanks to God for His grace and goodness which made it possible to build this centre. Previously, members of the Bafoussam fellowship held church services and activities in the basement of a building with no outdoor facilities for the youth and children.  Besides being in a beautiful setting, ‘Belle Vue’ provides the much needed amenities where church services can be held, where in- and outdoor activities can take place in pleasant and safe surroundings and where fellowship amongst members and spiritual growth can flourish. 

Claude Kue Kamden, president of AEJAC (“Association pour l’Encadrement des Jeunes et Adultes du Cameroun”, which represents Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) in Cameroon), welcomed everyone present including guests from South Africa and France and those viewing the celebration from Europe and the other BCC fellowships in Africa. A streamed message of encouragement and congratulations from Kåre J Smith, the leader of BCC, began proceedings wherein he said that God had provided a place that should be a place of blessing and edification for the congregation where they could receive spiritual nourishment.  Guest speaker Tielman Slabbert, the leader of BCCSA present at the celebration, said how thankful he was that this project had provided many vital opportunities for everyone involved to put the Word of God into practice in all the challenging and difficult situations that arose during construction. He added that it is extremely important to remain in humility, so that going forward, there is fellowship and spiritual growth and not just a beautiful building.

A film on the development and construction process of the centre and its surroundings was screened, which gave guests and viewers some insight into the commitment and hard work that went into making ‘Belle Vue’ the impressive place that it is. Videos of acknowledgements and congratulations from those unable to attend the event were shown, and the young people were thanked for their commitment and effort that they put into the project.

Many young people expressed their gratitude to have been given the opportunity to be part of the construction of the centre and said what an invaluable experience it had been for them. 

The evening was interspersed with inspirational spiritual songs and ended with a lively traditional dance.