2022 A Memorable Year…

Marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of Brunstad Christian Church South Africa and a fully attended Summer Conference once again after two years of online conferences!

With travel restrictions lifted, 2022 saw the first fully attended international summer conference by Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) in South Africa since 2019. In the previous two years, BCC South Africa summer conferences had been held online, and whilst these were a great blessing, nothing quite compares to the fellowship, vibrancy and warmth that is so palpable when diverse cultures, races and nationalities gather and are united in one place. So, it was with great joy and expectation that BCC members from across the globe gathered for this year’s annual summer conference. Seventy-seven BCC members from seven countries from across the African continent were granted visas enabling them to attend the conference, along with many other BCC members from other parts of the world. BCC congregations from across Africa were also able to join the conference services via a live stream.

The conference opened with a celebration marking 50 years since the founding of BCC South Africa. Many BCC members who had been formative in the early days of the church in South Africa and had since moved to other countries travelled to be part of the anniversary. Together with BCC South Africa members, they shared their stories, experiences and thankfulness for the work God has done and is doing in South Africa and across the African continent. These festive speeches were interspersed with uplifting songs, films, musical items and good food.

Children and young people are at the centre of activities that are organised within BCC, and this year’s summer conference was no exception. Games, sporting and musical events were held throughout the weekend, the highlight being an outdoor Christmas concert aptly named ‘Noel’ where a wide range of musical items were performed, interspersed with edifying speeches and accompanied by delicious tapas platters.

The focus of BCC conferences and gatherings is always spiritual edification and fellowship. Services and informal conversations are opportunities to share in and strengthen our common faith and express the love and care the members have for each other. Kåre J. Smith, the leader of BCC opened the first service by expressing thankfulness that it was possible to have a conference in South Africa and that congregations across Africa were able to follow along. “May God strengthen us and bless us from heaven, that we can be believers that receive full certainty that we shall come to victory over sin,” he said. The speeches and personal testimonies throughout the conference expanded, reinforced and built on this statement of faith that underpins the good, happy and vibrant life experienced by members of BCC. To this end, during the evening youth service many young people made the decision to live wholeheartedly for Jesus.

The conference was concluded with a lively and engaging Sunday School service for the children. The story of Mary and Martha was livingly retold through an animated film highlighting the good choice Mary made in staying close to Jesus, listening attentively to His words. She had chosen the “better part” that would not be taken from her; a fitting reminder and conclusion to a rich summer conference filled with spiritual nourishment, warm fellowship and fun for young and old.

Roma Borgny Nyagweth

The conference was such a blessing for me, especially the services. I was stirred up to make a decision and to stand firm in it; to put what I heard to practice in my everyday circumstances. Being with friends from different places was uplifting for me, seeing that we are in the same fight of faith. The Noel evening was magnificent, and the songs were uplifting.

Peter Onyoni Nyangoto
Honour and Glory be given unto the Lord Jesus Christ who enabled us to be together during this summer conference. I am most thankful for our elder brother Kåre Smith. We heard that we are members of one body and every member has a work to do. In this way we must esteem every member as necessary and important, and love must knit us together.

Erasto Christopher Nyangoko
I’m extremely thankful for such a clear gospel that I have heard throughout this blessed past summer conference. I really want to follow Jesus and do what He requires of me so I can remain in Christ.

Thobias Silas Mbori
I want to express my heartfelt thanks for the good time I had together with friends from different parts of the globe at the summer conference and especially the 50th anniversary celebration for BCC South Africa.

During the conference, it was very clear for me from what I heard from Kåre Smith that my sin is my enemy and that there is room for the new life when I hate my own sin.

Jacques Calvin Tatie

I am extremely thankful for the grace to be part of Brunstad Christian Church. I thank God for faithful brothers who by their preaching and their lives show us the right way to go. In my daily situations I want to put all my trust in Jesus who knows me and knows my trials. He is in heaven praying that it will succeed. I want to live in expectation of Jesus return as we heard in this conference.

Evodie Fidjo
I am extremely grateful for the rich and blessed conference that I had the grace to attend. I was able to taste pure and sincere brotherly love and I realized that I am still far from the goal, and I am not yet where I should be spiritually. I am thankful for such occasions where I can renew my strength and drink from such a pure source in fellowship with the saints.

Simeon Chukwudi  Ekeocha
I am grateful for the conference and that I received exhortations from Kåre Smith, Tielman Slabbert and other brothers. I want to give my life so that Jesus can transform me into a shining light where sin does not have dominion over me; to become a true disciple. May God bless each of us whose desire is to do the will of God.

Beauty MkundikaI’m so thankful for the summer conference. I learned a lot, but what touched me most is that God has called me to be a member of the body of Christ.

South Africa
Ginger Steenkamp
I am very thankful for the conference and Gods Word. My only desire is to do Gods will in my life and be ready when He comes to fetch His bride. I thank God for the word of the cross, that has saved me and given me a new life in Christ; dead to sin and alive unto God!

Colin Turner
My testimony is that I will seek the kingdom of God first and last, and have a godly fear that I do not become lukewarm and satisfied, neglecting the work God longs to do in me.

Travel for 76 participants from various locations in Africa has been made possible by Hippo Mundo Charity’s (https://stichting-hmc.nl/en/) Travel Program and BMS International.