In March, the Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) held its Annual Women’s Conference at Brunstad, Norway.  This is an international conference, which was attended this year by approximately 5800 women from BCC churches worldwide.

The conference was also live streamed to BCC churches throughout the world. For those not attending the main conference at Brunstad, local BCC churches organised their own conferences and members gathered together to watch the transmission of church services and other edifying events taking place at Brunstad during the conference. Local churches also organised various activities such as sports for the young people, art and crafts activities and so on, and there is always time for fellowship included in the programs.

The Hippo Mundo Charity (HMC) is a foundation which runs Christian and humanitarian programs not only in Africa but worldwide.  This year, 3 members of the BCC fellowships in Cameroon were sponsored by HMC to attend the conference at Brunstad in Norway.

Below are their testimonies of what they experienced and the impact it has had on their lives:

Rachel Tcheumwa (38) (Bafoussam):

“I thank God for the opportunity I was given by HMC to attend the International Women’s Conference this year.  My heartfelt hope before attending the conference was that my faith would be strengthened by it more and more. Kåre Smith, the spiritual leader of BCC, reminded us at the first service of the conference that God’s Word must become living within us so that we can follow in His footsteps and become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Being happy in my circumstances is related to keeping God’s commandants. During the conference we had fellowship with other women from different countries around the world and it was very edifying to share our faith and the effect it has on how we experience our daily circumstances. I returned home from the conference filled with strength and faith that my life will be a blessing both in my home and in my local fellowship.

What a rich and blessed conference it was!”

Monique Deffo (41) (Douala):

I am very grateful that I could attend the BCC Women’s Conference. Being at Brunstad and experiencing the spirit that is there amongst the members made a huge impression on me. The messages at the church services were very edifying and I want to take them to heart.  We had time for fellowship with like-minded women from BCC churches in other countries and that was very special because I realised we all have the same battles in our daily life. After the conference we were fortunate to visit several families. I was very touched by the way we were received. They were so hospitable, and I want to follow their example when I go home. It was a blessed conference with good activities and times of fellowship.

It was a fantastic experience!

Lorette Bell (50) (Yaoundé):

It was my first Women’s Conference at Brunstad and it gave me the opportunity to experience unity with other members of BCC churches around the world who have the same goal, which is to attain the virtues of Jesus Christ.  It became clear to me that we all have tests and trials, and I must love God’s commandments and practise them in my daily life to be happy.  What I learned and saw during the conference, I want to put into practice in my local church so that it becomes my life. Whenever it is appropriate I want to share my experience with others.”