The building of a centre for the church activities of Brunstad Christian Church (BCC) Fellowship in Kisii, Kenya, was more than just the construction of a building in which to hold church services and other church activities. 

In 2023 the building process commenced. In all, twenty-one participants from the Christian Youth Development and Empowerment Program (CYDEP) from Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania and Uganda worked on the project. Two former CYDEP participants from Cameroon were the project leaders. In the building process, young people from different cultures, backgrounds and abilities learned to work together as a team with a common goal.

The impact of the project on the BCC fellowship in Kisii has been remarkable. Members, young and old, assisted by doing voluntary work over weekends, and this created a tremendous sense of unity and ownership. The centre has made it easier for members to hold church services, youth services, Sunday School for the children, and gather together for fellowship and other church activities. The wider BCC community in Kenya can now also enjoy the new centre when they attend church conferences held in Kisii.

However, more importantly, this building project has been a catalyst for change and growth, not only in practical ways by acquiring new skills, but in the spiritual growth that has taken place. Following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ in all the daily circumstances – on the building site, at home and in general every day life, has brought change to each one with a longing to be a disciple of Christ; and the benefits of this are immeasurable! Furthermore, the new facilities will continue to require everyone to work together in a closer way to maintain and use the centre to the maximum benefit for all.

The official opening of the centre was held in conjunction with the BCC East African Conference which took place over the weekend of the 24th – 26th of November last year.  Guests from South Africa, Europe, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and Rwanda attended this special occasion and the conference program included church services, fellowship evenings and youth activities. Several workshops were also held to give suggestions and training to the members of the Kisii fellowship on how to maintain the property and use it to become a self-sustaining church.   

Mr Makori, a local official who was very helpful with the necessary regulatory compliances and approvals, attended the opening and cut the ribbon at the ribbon cutting ceremony in front of the hall.  Peter Nyangoto, the spiritual leader for the BCC Fellowship in Kisii welcomed everyone and this was followed by a video message from Harold Kronstad, a representative from BCC in Norway. In his message at the opening ceremony, Tielman Slabbert, spiritual leader of BCCSA, said that the construction of the physical building is good and everyone should be grateful for it, but the work that took place inside each person while working on the project, is the building of the Body of Christ – the Church.


Simon Mahega (Tanzania):

“I am very grateful to God for the work that has been done in the Kisii church. Young and old gave of their time to achieve this in a spirit of unity, love and hard work. Despite the many obstacles and challenges I saw a firm commitment in the team to serve God with zeal.  I also witnessed unity and co-operation between the leaders, youth and all the members of the church. (1 Corinthians 12:12 – 27.)

Bernard Biofoleno Mpolo (Cameroon):

Working on the project in Kisii was a very good time for me. Together with a team of young people and church members from different backgrounds but with the same goal – to be a disciple of Christ – I experienced humility, love and fellowship. We also had good support from the team from BCCSA.  The fellowship with members from East Africa, South Africa and Europe was very special at the opening of the hall. The conference was edifying and a conference of revival for me.”  

David Elijah (Kenya):

The project in Kisii was a great experience. I learned to work together with young people from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Cameroon and I got to know their longing to be disciples of Christ. During this project we not only learnt practical skills but also experienced spiritual growth in daily life and at Bible studies, church services and during fellowship with one another. Personally, I got a lot out of the conference, and it was a good opportunity to meet with other members.”

Peluce Katusabe (Uganda):

“It was a very blessed time to work with the others in Kisii – we had the same longing to work for God and not before the face of men. I am thankful that I had many opportunities to put my Christian faith into practice and I am also thankful for the building skills I learnt and the times of good fellowship we had with one another.”